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What we do...
1. Sermon Editing/Packages. Your recorded messages are the key. The Word of God lives in the sermons you already have. We help provide professionalism with studio quality mastering techniques, so you can be sure everyone is hearing it clearly and effectively.

2. Custom-Made Graphic Design is our core, not "one size fits all" templates. For every project, we provide ministries with the “Eye Candy” that attracts the buying market. We specialize in Logos, Print, Web & Video Graphics for any sized project. Coordinating your projects, you give us the vision and the goal, we bring it to life. Custom cosmetic are more important that most people think.


Original Purpose Letter from the Owner

Dear God’s People…We have to fix a serious problem.
With the advancement of technology the Religious Community is being left behind. Along with it, an important means of learning the values needed to nourish us by knowing God’s Will. Recorded sermons, teachings and even gospel music all help us grow spiritually and stay closer to The Word of God. Most of these recordings have a lower quality, and are on older formats like cassettes. But cassettes have become a thing of the past. In fact, when you listening to a sermon or bible study lesson, its hard not mention Cassettes and AM Radio Stations. But strictly because of its static sounding quality, it’s not being accepted. Leaving some people not wanting to listen to the spoken word. Even our new cars and devices are now using digital downloadable mediums. This is another method of how todays’ youth can see Jesus as their One & Only Choice.

These are the biggest of many concerns So how can people study for a spiritually righteous life in their home, or while walking or while driving to work. In addition, how will the hospitalized and elderly be able to hear spiritual messages clearly, when they cannot always attend services? How can we keep people connected with God’s Will? We have to find an effective and affordable solution for ministries to provide recordings to the masses inside and outside the congregations.

Technology is moving so fast, it has become harder and harder to maintain a firm understanding of the many different applications of today.

As we should keep, everything associated with Jesus, appreciative and clear and has integrity and care given. It is time we start using these common standards to promote Jesus and teach the world, all by simply adding the ability to receive the Word. First, you will have to become available to use these new digital markets.

We have found the cure for this dilemma.

In order for us to be a part of the cure, there have to be orderly solutions in motion that are complete, easy to acquire in a timely manner, and also be profitable for the Church, all while putting God’s Will first in everyone’s life. Preparation and Perfection is associated with God’s Word.



1. How is OCS different from other marketing companies?
Only Choice Solutions is God’s company. We are here to promote His Word and make it easier for ministries, businesses and people of GOD to do the same. Rather than promoting our features and services, Jesus takes the front seat for OCS. The power of His Word has proven enough to move mountains, feed the hungry, heal the sick and even raise the dead. We are sure that making witnesses of all He sends to Only Choice Solutions will be just as dynamic. How are we different, it is simple…without HIM, we are nothing!

2. What are the benefits of Ministry Registration?
Image a directory of ministries, from local to across the globe, all-reaching to connect with people. A place where people can research ministries in their area, (either for a church home or just visiting certain cities) and not waste time looking but spend time connecting and praying together. Giving the masses an inside view of your ministry, its works, and what you have to offer. Now, imagine your ministry is on that list. What a benefit! Secondly, it identifies your ministry’s current needs assessment, by asking this simple question: What can we do to help your ministry REACH FURTHER?

Is Christian Marketing expensive?
Our systems of solutions are based upon grouping services together. Combining web, print & video concepts together to reduce the production process and make it more affordable for ministry budgets to perform, as well as creating stronger campaigns. Large ministries with marketing budgets invest and flourish because of multi-format campaigns, but many smaller ministries have to “cut back on effectiveness” because of cost. Left depending on church members or friends, rather than creating stronger outreach. Churches should not have to “cut back” because of the cost of technology, but they should be strengthened by technology. We have designed these solutions with YOUR PROFIT in mind. Therefore, this investment will not break the bank, but create a strong return. Contact us or submit a project request, let us create an affordable solution to further your reach.



The Mission Statement:

We are a Christian Marketing company devoted to spreading the word of God. By using our gifts and talents of graphic design & presentation, we are building relationships with churches, ministers, speakers and other church organizations, to serve as an Out-Reach Center, so people around the world can join in winning souls for the Kingdom. Using professional concepts that help you reach your congregation, the sick and shut in, and our youth, we are making it possible for ministries to achieve noticeable results, with enhancement of the ministry as well, all while bringing us closer to God’s Will. Therefore, by marketing the Church, we are CHANGING THE PERCEPTION of the church. Perceptions that will not alter or taint God’s Will, but make it more and more abundant in our lives today.

From start to finish, we create the means and methods of proven marketing techniques, whether you’re building Educational suites or Developmental Projects for youth ministries, Audio/Video presentations for Up-Coming Events, Designing Publications for Print or Web, or furthering your Recording ministry.

Only Choice Solutions wants to share with and assist your ministry in providing quality-marketing solutions for your teachings and Out-Reach programs. Affordable problem-solving applications that bring IMMEDIATE INCREASE for your ministry while building bridges that connect people to the church and the Word of God.

God is truly leading us to move forward in this mission and to promote His Will.
“Shouldn’t Jesus be our Only Choice?”

A very simple and forward question, Christopher Towns, owner of Only Choice Solutions, asks. Shouldn’t everything we think, say and do include the Will of God
(Proverbs 3:5-6). Shouldn’t we all do more to strengthen the Church, and help put Jesus back in the #1 standing in peoples heart around the World.

God then gave him the vision to combine his talents of Music, Art, Presentation and Professionalism, and a network of churches, to achieve the great and huge duty of recommitting souls for Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven. . Only Choice Solutions’ mission is to help the Church, REACH FURTHER in glorifying the Kingdom of God. They assist Pastors, Christian Musical Talents, Church businesses and Outreach Ministries with promotions and marketing, by building better perceptions.

Design and Layout, Studio Production and Recording, Radio/TV Promotions, Project Production/Assistance,
you name it…Only Choice Solutions is spreading the Word.
Only Choice Solutions (“God’s Company”) wants the church community to know; there is much to do, more we could be doing, and more that can be done, because we are all being held accountable for our works…let’s Reach Further to connect with people, connect people with God
(Matthew 28:19-20).

Thank you Jesus …You are my only choice!

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